March 06, 2020

Province Strengthens Support For Newcomers In Yorkton

The Government of Saskatchewan will invest more $200,000 to support the East Central Newcomer Welcome Centre in providing settlement services for newcomers in Yorkton and across the east central region in 2020.  This funding will allow up to 300 clients to access timely and responsive services and benefit from a sense of community through orientation services, needs assessments, language assistance, referrals to other community services, and connections to local community or cultural groups.

“As a government, our ultimate goal is to ensure newcomers arriving in our province feel welcomed, have access to the services and supports they need, and are able to develop a strong connection to our community,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister and Yorkton MLA Greg Ottenbreit said on behalf of Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison.  “This is why investing in partnerships with organizations like East Central Newcomer Welcome Centre Inc. here in Yorkton are so important to our government and to the long-term success of Saskatchewan.”

“The east central region of Saskatchewan has maintained its diversity, vibrancy and economic growth due to several reasons, one of which is the continued immigration and settlement of newcomers in Yorkton and surrounding areas,” East Central Newcomer Welcome Centre Inc. (ECNWCI) Executive Director Edith Montesclaros said.  “Through the investments of the Saskatchewan government in settlement programs and accessible supports for newcomers and immigrants, hundreds of service recipients are now settled, integrated in the communities and calling the region their home.

“More young, highly educated, trained, skilled and enthusiastic newcomers are looking at immigrating to this area because of the positive feedback they've heard from the new residents.  With the Government of Saskatchewan's continued support and proactive conversation with the communities and ECNWCI, the level of immigration to the region will surely continue to grow.”

Investments in Saskatchewan's Regional Newcomer Gateways allow welcome centres to offer free settlement support services for those arriving in the province, connecting newcomers with the information, resources and services they need to make their move to Saskatchewan a success.

The Government of Saskatchewan is proud to support Regional Newcomer Gateways across the province, investing more than $2.5 million in 2020 to support settlement services and improve the lives of new residents.

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