March 04, 2019

Province Proclaims Agriculture Literacy Month

The Government of Saskatchewan has proclaimed the month of March as Agriculture Literacy Month in Saskatchewan.

Agriculture Literacy Month brings agriculture to life in classrooms around the province as farmers, ranchers and members of the agriculture industry help students to learn about, connect to and understand the industry.

“It should be important for everyone to understand how their food is produced because the continued success of the agriculture industry relies heavily on their support and understanding,” Agriculture Minister David Marit said.  “This month is an opportunity to build trust by teaching children about modern food production and answering their questions.”

This year’s theme, food waste, will allow students to explore their role in sustainability.

“Last year more than 2,000 Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month classroom presentations took place in schools across our province, providing more than 8,000 students an opportunity to learn more about our agriculture sector,” Deputy Premier and Education Minister Gordon Wyant said.  “Learning about food production process and how everyone plays a role is a valuable opportunity for all our students.”

“March is a time for farmers, ranchers and everyone deeply connected to agriculture to share their personal agriculture story with kids,” Agriculture in the Classroom Executive Director Sara Shymko said.  “This year, we are asking volunteers to give a personal example of how they are helping to reduce the problem of food waste.”