July 22, 2021

Province Introduces New Support Programs to Address Family Violence

The Ministry of Justice and Attorney General is introducing Family Intervention Rapid Support Teams (FIRST), a new initiative to support families in crisis.

“The goal of the FIRST team is to connect families with immediate help and ongoing assistance,” Minister of Justice and Attorney General Gordon Wyant said.  “We are pleased to introduce this program, which directly serves families experiencing violence and supports them as they navigate the system in a time of personal crisis.”

The FIRST program will be delivered by West Central Crisis & Family Support Centre Inc., based in Kindersley.  Trained outreach workers will be in place to intervene and provide collaborative, timely services to families in crisis across central west Saskatchewan.  FIRST outreach workers will also provide ongoing support to families to reduce the risk of future violence.

"During challenging times, families need support from their community," Kindersley MLA Ken Francis said.  "This program will be a valuable tool in our province and I am glad that it is being introduced to the Kindersley area."

By intervening earlier, the program aims to lower the likelihood of family violence and reduce demand for emergency services.

"We look forward to delivering this new program in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General," Executive Director of West Centre Crisis & Family Support Centre Michelle Weber said.  "Our goal is to empower individuals and families to proactively deter crisis and trauma, by offering ongoing help and support.”

The ministry will invest $128, 000 to deliver the FIRST program in 2021-22.  FIRST is expected to be operational September 1, 2021.