March 10, 2020

Province Funds Three Saskatchewan Energy Innovators

The Government of Saskatchewan is providing $658,000 for three Saskatchewan energy innovators through the Saskatchewan Advantage Innovation Fund (SAIF).  SAIF supports commercialization of game-changing technological innovations in the province’s core economic sectors.

Today the Minister Responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan Tina Beaudry-Mellor, outlined three emerging technologies in the energy sector, developed with assistance from the SAIF:

  • Ground Effects Environmental Services - $395,000 to support development of a cutting-edge water treatment system for oil extraction that operates on a reduced environmental footprint, removing key containments from waste water at a fraction of the cost.
  • LiEP Energy - $113,000 to support the development, validation and scale-up of a working prototype for new lithium resource extraction technology to pull lithium ions out of concentrated brines faster and using less energy and chemical inputs.
  • Wave9 - $150,000 for an oil site monitoring system which uses remote cameras and sensors to feed information into artificial intelligence software and issues alerts through a smartphone app, reducing operating costs and improve worker efficiency.

“These investments help grow the province’s tech sector while having a significant impact on related industry’s that drive the Saskatchewan economy,” Beaudry-Mellor said.  “It is important that we continue to support these industries so they can continue to develop technologies that benefit our province.”

Since 2012, Innovation Saskatchewan has provided a $10.7 million investment in SAIF and attracted $38.5 million in private and federal money.  For more about the innovators, see the attached backgrounder.