May 14, 2021

Province Finalizing Transition of Provincial Chief Firearms Officer Program

The Government of Saskatchewan and the federal government have committed to completing the transition to a provincial Chief Firearms Office by the end of September.

The province has been working with the federal government to transition the program since the spring of 2020.  The proposed timeline outlines the work to take place in the coming months by the province, the federal government and the RCMP to establish provincial oversight on firearms legislation.  That work includes finalizing contracts and agreements, making logistical arrangements such as preparing office space, and hiring and training staff.

"When The Firearms Act was introduced in 1998, five provinces chose to manage the Canadian Firearms Program provincially," Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Christine Tell said.  "Saskatchewan is the first province to join them and transition from federal to provincial management."

The province hired Robert Freberg in August 2020 as the Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) designate for Saskatchewan.  Since that time, he has been working to move this transition forward.  While a provincially-appointed CFO will not have the ability to change federal laws or regulations, he will administrate The Firearms Act in Saskatchewan, which includes jurisdiction over the licensing, storage, transportation and carrying of firearms.  The position of CFO is also responsible for licensing instructors who provide firearm safety training in the province.

"I look forward to working with the federal government, Canadian Firearms program and all of our provincial stakeholders to complete this important transition," Freberg said.  "I am deeply committed to supporting and promoting the long-standing heritage of responsible firearms ownership in this province."

The Government of Saskatchewan continues to oppose the federal government’s firearm control measures, including Bill C-21, which will do little to impact firearm related crime in our province, and unfairly targets law-abiding firearms owners.