May 21, 2019

Province Declares Innovation Week in Saskatchewan

The Government of Saskatchewan is pleased to proclaim May 21-31 as Innovation Week in Saskatchewan.  The week provides an opportunity to recognize and celebrate how the innovations coming out of our province have shaped, and continue to shape, Saskatchewan and the world.

Saskatchewan has made its impact, from inventing the air seeder, to setting up the first ATM, and creating the world’s first commercial scale clean coal/carbon capture plant.  These innovations have benefited the lives of many by improving quality of life, creating jobs, and bringing investment into the province.  The province continues supporting this culture of creativity by recognizing Saskatchewan’s innovative researchers, entrepreneurs, organizations and companies.

“Innovation is a vital part of Saskatchewan’s economy,” Minister Responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan Tina Beaudry-Mellor said.  “This week allows us to celebrate the achievements of our world-class researchers and research institutions, along with the many people that are growing the innovation sector in Saskatchewan.”

Innovation Week will also be celebrated nationally with the second annual Canadian Innovation Week, which will bring together partners and stakeholders from the innovation ecosystem to connect, cultivate, and celebrate Canadian innovation.

Saskatchewan achievements will be highlighted on a national scale over the next week, showcasing how our researchers and innovators create solutions to the world’s problems, right here in the province.