September 18, 2020

Province Announces $3.2 Million Funding for Skills Training Programs at Gabriel Dumont Institute

Today, the Government of Saskatchewan announced annual funding of $3.2 million to Gabriel Dumont Institute for skills training programs.

The funding allows the college to deliver a variety of education and skills training programs including Adult Basic Education (ABE), Essential Skills for the Workplace (ESWP), as well as the Skills Training Allocation.  ABE and ESWP programs provide adult learners with basic employment skills and workplace experience that leads to either further training or attachment to the labour market.  The Skills Training Allocation provides access to accredited training programs that meet the labour market needs of employers across various sectors of the provincial economy.

“It’s essential we provide funding to support individuals as they enter the labour market or pursue further skills training,” Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said.  “This funding is key to make sure more individuals in our Métis community have the tools they need to fully participate in our economy.”

“The funding we receive from the provincial government allows us to bring community-based, cultural relevant certificate training to the Métis community throughout Saskatchewan,” Gabriel Dumont Technical Institute Director Brett Vandale said.  “The training provides our community members with the skills and certification necessary to access the labour market within Saskatchewan.”

Gabriel Dumont Institute delivers programs and services for Métis students across the province.