March 26, 2018

Providing $11 Million for the Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship

So far this year, nearly 21,500 students have received the Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship, totalling $11 million from the Government of Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship reduces tuition for students entering post-secondary programs in Saskatchewan.  It provides $500 per year to a lifetime maximum of $2,000 to all Grade 12 graduates since 2012.

“The Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship is an example of our government’s commitment to the future of our students and our province,” Advanced Education Minister Tina Beaudry-Mellor said.  “This scholarship is helping ensure thousands of students have access to affordable post-secondary education in our province.”

More students are receiving the scholarship now than there were at this time last year.  Since this program began in 2012, nearly 90,000 scholarships worth approximately $43.9 million have been awarded to support more than 40,000 students.  Additionally, close to 8,800 students have received the maximum $2,000 in this scholarship.

Students are eligible for the scholarship if they have:

  • Successfully graduated from Grade 12 in Saskatchewan, including Adult Basic Education and General Educational Development (GED®) on or after January 1, 2012; and
  • Are enrolled at a Saskatchewan post-secondary institution in a program that is recognized for Canada-Saskatchewan student loans (certificate, diploma, and degree programs) or an apprenticeship program with an April 1, 2012 or later start date.

Eligible post-secondary institutions apply for the scholarship on behalf of students.  Students have up to 10 years after high school graduation to use the benefit.

Over the past ten years, the province has invested close to $8.4 billion in post secondary education and student supports.  This includes the Graduate Retention Program which provides income tax credits of up to $20,000 for graduates who live and work in Saskatchewan.

More information on the scholarship is available at