October 16, 2018

Protective Service Medals Honouring Long-Serving Emergency Professionals Presented In Regina

Today Lieutenant Governor W. Thomas Molloy will be joined by Provincial Secretary Nadine Wilson to honour the latest recipients of the Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal at a ceremony in Regina.  This ceremony follows medal presentations in Saskatoon earlier this month.

“It’s important we acknowledge the men and women in this province who have taken on the responsibility of keeping their communities safe,” Wilson said.  “Their commitment to the people of Saskatchewan is commendable and I thank them for their service.”

The medal honours personnel with 25 years of service in Saskatchewan in the emergency services field, including police services, fire services, emergency medical services, mobile crisis services and family violence outreach services.

This year, the medal will be presented to 113 individuals from rural and urban communities across Saskatchewan.  The medals will be awarded at two ceremonies today in Regina.  Two medal ceremonies were also held in Saskatoon earlier this month.

Recipients receive a circular medal surmounted by the St. Edward’s Crown.  The medal bears the motto Qui civitatem tuentur (who guard the citizenry).

For more information about the Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal, including how to submit a nomination, visit www.saskatchewan.ca/honoursawards.