Premier Wall's Strong Support for Energy Sector Workers


As the energy sector has been hit by low world prices, Premier Wall was quick to stand up for our province, our workers and the sector as a whole.

He took a strong stance against the federal government’s decision to exclude southern Saskatchewan in the extension of EI benefits – even though many energy sector workers in that region were impacted by the decline in oil prices – and he said so, plainly.

Last week, the Prime Minister acknowledged the oversight and announced southern Saskatchewan would soon receive those EI extensions. In a statement, Premier Wall thanked the federal government for making it right and then went one step further:


Premier Wall recognizes that EI benefits for a few additional months are a good step – but we really need to get people back to work. That means approving projects like the Energy East pipeline, that would create thousands of good paying jobs and lead to our producers getting more money for our resources.

The Premier has also been a strong advocate for a federal oil wells cleanup program to create immediate jobs for those in the energy sector.

But where are the Saskatchewan NDP on this fundamental issue for our provincial economy and thousands of workers?  Well, they are afraid to even talk about the issue. After numerous requests for interviews on pipeline issues, Pipeline News noted that the NDP just can’t seem to find the time.

Then Saskatchewan NDP critic Cathy Sproule is reported as voting in favour of the Leap Manifesto, which advocates for leaving natural resources in the ground, as well as scrapping international trade agreements and threatening our very successful agriculture sector.

The people of my home constituency of Estevan and the province deserve much better than the same old anti-development rhetoric from the NDP.

They deserve a government and Premier who stands up for their interests at every level. That’s the government we will be – and that includes speaking plainly, and fighting proudly for our energy sector, to keep Saskatchewan strong.

Lori Carr is the newly-elected MLA for Estevan and a proud supporter of Saskatchewan's energy sector