March 25, 2021

Premier Scott Moe on the Supreme Court's Carbon Tax Decision

Today’s decision by the Supreme Court of Canada does not change our core conviction that the federal carbon tax is bad environmental policy, bad economic policy, and simply wrong.

While the Supreme Court has determined that Prime Minister Trudeau has the legal right to impose a carbon tax, it doesn’t mean he should, and it doesn’t make the carbon tax any less punitive for Saskatchewan people.

The ruling comes with a strong dissenting opinion - one that warns that this decision has far reaching implications for federal intrusion into areas of provincial jurisdiction. Saskatchewan will remain vigilant in defending our constitutional jurisdiction from further infringement from this federal government.

From the first day that his carbon tax was imposed, Saskatchewan people have seen the federal carbon tax for what it is - a blunt, ineffective instrument that kills jobs, threatens the competitiveness of our industries, and penalizes essential, daily activities of families across our province. Our government will continue to make every effort to protect Saskatchewan families, workers and businesses from the negative consequences of the federal carbon tax.

Later today, I will outline measures that Saskatchewan will take in the months ahead to protect Saskatchewan people while addressing climate change. We will forge our own path without being subject to the punitive and ineffective carbon tax imposed by Prime Minister Trudeau and the federal government.

-Premier Scott Moe