November 21, 2019

Premier Moves Emergency Motion For CN Rail Strike

Today, Premier Scott Moe attempted to move an emergency motion in the legislative assembly calling for immediate action to be taken to resolve the CN Rail strike.  The motion that was subsequently blocked by the Official Opposition was worded as follows:

That this Assembly call on the federal government to immediately end the CN Rail strike through binding arbitration or back to work legislation in order to provide support for our critical agricultural, mining and energy sectors.

“Each day that a work stoppage continues is a day of moving product to market that our agricultural producers, potash industry and energy sector cannot get back,” Moe said.  “By calling for immediate action to be taken to resolve this labour disruption, our government is demonstrating our support for the hardworking families and communities that rely on CN rail to do business.  It is disappointing that the Official Opposition chose to block this motion and failed to stand up for our vital industries.”

While Premier Moe moved the emergency motion to support the hardworking families, communities, and businesses that rely on CN, the Official Opposition chose to block debate on the motion.  The Official Opposition was provided with advanced notice of the motion by government leadership.