November 29, 2016

Premier Appoints MLA Committee to Look at Crime Concerns

Premier Brad Wall today announced the creation of a new committee of government MLAs focused on reducing crime rates in Saskatchewan.

The Caucus Committee on Crime Reduction will be chaired by The Battlefords MLA Herb Cox and includes Saskatoon Fairview MLA Jennifer Campeau (Vice-Chair), Estevan MLA Lori Carr, Canora-Pelly MLA Terry Dennis, Regina Coronation Park MLA Mark Docherty, Cut Knife-Turtleford MLA Larry Doke and Cypress Hills MLA Doug Steele.

“One of the main concerns I hear as I travel around Saskatchewan is crime,” Wall said.  “I have asked this new committee to focus on causes and make recommendations on what the province and our partners, like municipalities and police forces, can do to reduce crime.”

The committee will consult with municipalities, police agencies and other organizations to determine what the major issues are and what can be done to better address each.  Some particular areas of concern are rising property crime rates in rural areas, police presence in rural areas and an increase in guns, gang activity and highly addictive and dangerous drugs such as fentanyl in urban centres.  The committee will make recommendations to the Minister of Justice, cabinet and government caucus.

“Saskatchewan must be a safe place where people feel protected from crime,” Wall said.  “I look forward to receiving and acting on the committee’s recommendations.”