November 07, 2018

Prairie Resilience

The NDP and the Trudeau Liberals want YOU to pay a carbon tax.

Estimates show that the average Saskatchewan family will pay MORE than $1,200 every year to a carbon tax.

When Saskatchewan jobs compete at a disadvantage against countries without a carbon tax, we know that jobs and investment will leave the province... costing Saskatchewan's economy $16 billion by 2030... and killing thousands of jobs.

Our government has a different plan, one that protects Saskatchewan workers.

Instead we will work with industry to respect their specific challenges, while still reducing emissions from our largest emitters.

We will continue to move aggressively to renewable energy, cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

And we will reduce methane emissions from our energy sector.

Justin Trudeau and the NDP are now trying to convince people that if they agree to a carbon tax, they’ll somehow be better off financially.

When is the last time you PAID a tax and magically got more back?

Unlike the Trudeau government, the Saskatchewan government isn’t trying to buy you off with your own money. We’re just going to do better for the environment.

After all, isn’t that the point?