May 01, 2017

Post-Secondary Graduates Find Success in Saskatchewan

The recently completed Saskatchewan Graduate Outcomes Survey indicates that post-secondary education in Saskatchewan continues to lead to positive outcomes for students.

“Saskatchewan is a great place to live and work,” Advanced Education Minister Bronwyn Eyre said.  “The results of this survey show that more than 90 per cent of Saskatchewan students are staying in the province and 80 per cent of international students say they intend to stay after graduation.”

The survey identifies that a majority of graduates see significant benefits from their post-secondary programs including improved employment opportunities, better income and the necessary skills and knowledge for their career.  And, nearly two thirds of graduates indicate their jobs were highly related to their program of study.

The Saskatchewan Graduate Outcomes Survey found that 85 per cent of Saskatchewan post-secondary graduates from the class of 2014 are employed, with an average annual salary of $63,929.  Survey results also showed that graduate salaries have increased faster than the rate of inflation.

“Saskatchewan students give our post-secondary institutions top marks for the quality of their educational experience,” Eyre said.  “Since 2004, Saskatchewan’s Graduate Outcomes Surveys have consistently shown that more than 90 per cent of students are satisfied with the quality of their educational experience and a large majority would recommend their program to others.”

Survey responses were gathered from September 2016 to February 2017 from graduates who completed a post-secondary program in Saskatchewan in 2014.  The report on the survey results can be viewed at