October 28, 2019

On Time, On Budget: The Regina Bypass Officially Opens!

This morning the Regina Bypass officially opened!

With its completion, the Regina Bypass project is the largest transport infrastructure project in Saskatchewan’s history.

This is a multi-generational project that will improve safety conditions for drivers and benefit the people of Saskatchewan for years to come.

Throughout its construction, the Regina Bypass project helped create thousands of jobs for Saskatchewan companies and contractors.

The newly completed project includes:
o 12 overpasses;
o 40 kilometres of new four-lane highway;
o 20 kilometres of resurfaced four-lane highway;
o 55 kilometres of new service roads; and
o Twinning of about five kilometres of Highway 6.
And it is estimated that the Regina Bypass will save $2 million to $3 million dollars in property damage annually.

But perhaps most importantly, it will drastically reduce the number of injuries and fatalities on our roads.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the NDP have opposed the Regina Bypass every step of the way.

This truly is a project where safety is paramount, this project’s resounding success is a testament to how big things can get done in Saskatchewan.

There are so many people to thank for this project; our provincial and municipal partners, the city of Regina, the Federal Government and surrounding municipalities.

From concept to construction, all the players and pieces involved in this massive undertaking, thank you for moving Saskatchewan forward.