November 12, 2020

Northern Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Committee Celebrates 25 Years of Partnerships

The Northern Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Committee (NSEQC) celebrates its 25-year anniversary in November of 2020.

The NSEQC is a partnership between the provincial government, northern municipalities, First Nations, Métis communities and the mining sector.  It is intended to foster mutual understanding of mining developments in the region with a focus on the environmental protection efforts.

A key aspect of the NSEQC is to provide an environment where stakeholders and partners can learn about and discuss issues with one another in a collaborative atmosphere.

“By creating strong communication links between communities, regulators and industry, the NSEQC has been able to create a forum for Northern residents to share their views and traditional knowledge, resulting in greater trust and stronger relationships among stakeholders,” Minister Responsible for First Nations, Métis and Northern Affairs Don McMorris said.  “Thanks to all the NSEQC members, citizens and businesses for their ongoing commitment to building a strong, vibrant Northern Saskatchewan, and congratulations on this important milestone.”

Mining, particularly of uranium, is a key economic driver for the region, as well as the provincial economy.  Northern Saskatchewan is the source of one-quarter of the world's known uranium supply.

“The staff of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) congratulate the NSEQC on 25 years of sharing information about the health and safety of uranium mining and milling in Northern Saskatchewan,” Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Director of Uranium Mines and Mills Division Peter Fundarek said.  “The CNSC values the spirit and intent of the NSEQC to make information about the health and safety of persons, and for the protection of the environment, available to all communities and Indigenous peoples in the area.

“The CNSC looks forward to continuing its close collaboration with the NSEQC as we build trust with communities and Indigenous peoples in Northern Saskatchewan and continue to share information about this important industry for both existing sites and future new projects.”

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