November 21, 2018

Second Highest Wholesale Trade Increase in Canada

Wholesale trade in Saskatchewan jumped 11.4 per cent in September 2018 (seasonally adjusted) when compared to September 2017, the second highest percentage increase among the provinces.

November 20, 2018

Saskatchewan Remembers Holodomor With A Special Service

Today, Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan-Ukraine Relations Greg Ottenbreit, joined with members of Saskatchewan’s Ukrainian community in a service to remember those who perished during the Ukraine famine in 1932-33.

November 20, 2018

New Early Learning Supports Available to Children with Intensive Needs

Deputy Premier and Education Minister Gordon Wyant was at St. Peter School in Regina today to visit students who are now attending the Early Learning Intensive Support Pilot.  Launched in the spring of 2018, with funding from the Government of Canada, the pilot provides funding for school divisions to create new spaces in existing Prekindergarten programs for children with intensive needs.

November 20, 2018

Name Change Honours Indigenous Women's Story in Saskatchewan History

A grouping of small lakes near the Town of Unity has a new name to respectfully honour Indigenous culture and history in our province.  Replacing the previous name of Killsquaw Lake, the new name given by area Elders is Kikiskitotawânawak Iskêwak Lakes, which in Cree means We Honour the Women.