June 22, 2018

Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Scholarships Awarded to 100 High School Students Across the Province

Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship (SYA) Industry Scholarships have been awarded to 100 graduating high school students in 72 communities across the province this year.  The $1,000 scholarships are awarded to students who’ve completed the SYA Program, a program overseen by the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) that exposes students to opportunities in the skilled trades.

June 21, 2018

Wide-Base Single Tires Pilot Extended and Expanded

The Government of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce that the pilot program, allowing trucks to increase the weight on wide-base single tires has been extended for one more year.  In addition, it has been expanded to all paved National Highway Systems in the province.

June 18, 2018

Government's Renew Investment in Saskatchewan's Agricultural Biotechnology Sector

Today, Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced renewed funding for Ag-West Bio through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.  Ag-West Bio will receive $1.7 million per year for the next five years, for a total of $8.5 million, to support the development of the agricultural biotechnology sector in Saskatchewan.