October 21, 2015

New Teacher Regulatory Board Celebrates Grand Opening

Education Minister Don Morgan joined education partners and members of the teaching profession to celebrate the grand opening of the newly formed Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB).  This self-regulated body now has the responsibility for teacher certification and discipline in Saskatchewan.

“This is an important achievement that gives Saskatchewan teachers the autonomy to self-regulate like other professions in the province,” Morgan said.  “We believe that the knowledge and experience that our teachers possess will help create a more transparent and clear process that will build on the hard work of our education partners, continue to safeguard our students and protect the integrity and professionalism of teachers.”

The SPTRB is governed by a nine-person board of directors, which is comprised of seven registered teachers and two members of the public, and employs nine staff members who are responsible for administering the policies established by the Board of Directors.

“The establishment of the SPTRB recognizes the teaching profession's commitment to regulate its members in the public interest through an independent board,” SPTRB chairperson, Tom Schonhoffer said.  “The Board of Directors looks forward to playing a leadership role in this undertaking.”

Trevor Smith will officially become the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Registrar of the SPTRB on November 1, 2015.  He has served as Acting COO and registrar since July 2015.

"It’s an honour to be appointed as COO and Registrar for the SPTRB and be able to continue to serve the public and teaching profession in our province,” Smith said.  “The SPTRB will work within its legislated mandate to ensure that PreK-12 educators in Saskatchewan meet and maintain the standards of competence and conduct required to keep students safe and foster public trust and confidence in the teaching profession."

Prior to this transition, the Ministry of Education was responsible for certification, and discipline processes were administered by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF), the League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents of Saskatchewan (LEADS), and the Ministry of Education.

“We all have a role to play in ensuring the well-being and growth of children and youth in our province,” STF President Patrick Maze said.  “The educational partners have worked together to create a comprehensive, teacher-led regulatory structure that honours the public trust and supports teachers in being successful.”

“The LEADS organization would like to acknowledge the efforts of government and the education partners to establish a new Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board,” LEADS President Don Rempel said.  “Our members look forward to working with the newly established entity.”

“School boards look forward to working with the SPTRB and all education partners in providing increased transparency and clarity for students, families, staff, teachers and the public,” Saskatchewan School Boards Association President Connie Bailey said.

The SPTRB will also be responsible for the registration of teachers, which is a new requirement for employment by a publicly-funded school division in Saskatchewan.

For further information about the SPTRB, please visit www.sptrb.ca.