September 10, 2020

New Specialized Crystal Methamphetamine Treatment Centre Opens in Estevan

Saskatchewan People Experiencing Addictions Will Have Improved Access Through Specialized Treatment

The Government of Saskatchewan has committed $1.55 million in the 2020-21 budget and $1.95 million annualized to establish a new provincial addictions treatment centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Estevan.  This funding will support 30 new addictions treatment beds: 15 beds dedicated to people recovering from crystal meth addiction; five beds for people seeking treatment for other addictions; four pre-treatment and six post-treatment beds.

“We know that addictions and overdoses are an increasing problem that jurisdictions across Canada are grappling with,” Health Minister Jim Reiter said.  “We have seen the impact that crystal meth addiction has had on people and families across the province.  This new centre will save lives and will help Saskatchewan people begin and complete their recoveries.”

The centre will develop innovative protocols in medication use to support crystal meth treatment that can be applied provincially.  As clients will come from across the province to access services, they will be connected to follow-up care in their home communities once they complete treatment.

“Saskatchewan, like many provinces, has seen a dramatic increase in the use of crystal meth over the past few years,” Saskatchewan Health Authority Executive Director of Clinical Integration, Integrated Rural Health Leila McClarty said.  “We are excited to have another treatment option in Saskatchewan, especially one that is focused on treating methamphetamine. We expect it will reduce the wait time for inpatient treatment with individual treatment plans and longer stays as needed.”

The new treatment centre will use a partnership model to address the unique needs of people who use crystal meth. St. Joseph’s Hospital and its umbrella organization, Emmanuel Care Group, are working with Cedars at Cobble Hill, a nationally-recognized leader in addictions care, to provide this new addictions service.

“As an Emmanuel Care facility, founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph, our mission certainly focuses on meeting the needs of the vulnerable in society - and helping folks on the road to recovery adds yet another service for those in need,” St. Joseph’s Hospital Executive Director Greg Hoffort said.  “While it has been many years since St. Joseph’s offered addiction services, our partnership with Cedars at Cobble Hill allows us to open with evidenced-based, individualized programming that will have an immediate impact to the lives of many.”

The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to improving access to services for people with mental health and addictions challenges.  The 2020-21 budget includes record funding of almost $435 million for mental health and addictions supports and services.  This is an increase of $33 million in new mental health and addictions funding.