January 09, 2018

New Social Housing Developments in Regina

Seventy-six new social housing units for low- to moderate-income families have officially opened as part of the Government of Saskatchewan’s portfolio renewal initiative.  The government, through Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC), invested almost $19 million in funding for the two projects located in the Harbour Landing neighbourhood of southeast Regina.

The first 48 unit project is located at 5632-5676 Waterer Road and 5669-5625 Tutor Way.  The second development, at 3900-3952 James Hill Road, consists of 28 units.  All of the completed units will be operated and managed by the Regina Housing Authority.

“Our goal is to provide Saskatchewan citizens opportunities to have a home that meets their needs,” Social Services Minister and Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Housing Corporation Paul Merriman said.  “I am pleased that this investment will provide 76 families with an opportunity to live in a modern, safe and affordable home.”

“This rejuvenation of housing stock will provide some incredible new, modern homes to the Regina Housing Authority’s clients,” City of Regina Mayor Michael Fougere said.  “We have seen ample evidence, especially through the Homelessness Partnering Strategy and its Housing First efforts, that secure, reliable housing can make an immense difference in the lives of vulnerable residents.”

Under the portfolio renewal initiative, SHC is in the process of selling approximately 300 single family housing units in Regina, Moose Jaw and Prince Albert.  The proceeds are being reinvested in modern and energy-efficient multiple unit housing to help meet the demand for affordable housing in communities where it is needed.

Current tenants have been, and will continue to be, given the opportunity to purchase the home they are renting before the units are listed for sale on the open market.  Eligible tenants have the option of moving to other social housing if they don’t purchase their current unit.

Since November 2007, 1,267 affordable rental units have been completed in Regina, in addition to the newly completed 76 units.  An additional 63 affordable rental units are currently under construction.