October 27, 2015

New Restaurant Inspection Website Available to the Public

Saskatchewan residents now have access to improved online restaurant inspection information.  The province has launched a new restaurant inspection website that provides user-friendly, up-to-date information from public health inspector reports about food service facilities across Saskatchewan.

“This resource makes it easier for residents to find more useful information, so they can be confident food service facilities are safe and complying with public health regulations,” Health Minister Dustin Duncan said.  “The new electronic reporting system is an important tool that helps protect public health and encourages transparency and accountability.”

The information is available at www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/emergency-public-health-and-safety/food-safety/restaurant-inspection-information.

Public health inspectors have been working on populating the site with improved data.  Approximately 60 per cent of restaurant-type facilities have been inspected using the new electronic system so far.  The remainder of facilities currently show historical inspection data, and will have more detailed information added as they are inspected over the coming months.

The system saves time for public health inspectors and makes reporting more efficient. Tablet technology has replaced hand-written paper reports, eliminating the need for time-consuming transcription, bringing more consistency to reporting, and supporting real-time updates to the website.

Public health inspections are conducted on more than 5,000 public eating establishments in Saskatchewan, including restaurants, fast food outlets, caterers, mobile food vendors, ice cream stands, public cafeterias, dining rooms and retail stores that customarily serve food.

“Saskatchewan’s restaurateurs take pride in serving guests more than 500,000 times each and every day,” Restaurant Canada’s Vice President for Saskatchewan and Manitoba Dwayne Marling said.  “And this new system will provide a welcome reassurance to Saskatchewan residents that whenever they visit their favourite restaurants – whether for breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner or a late night snack – that public health inspectors have confirmed that they are clean, safe and following the province’s public health regulations.”

Saskatchewan first began posting restaurant inspection information in 2009.