February 28, 2020

New, Permanent Acute Care Beds Opening At Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital

Thirty-six additional permanent acute care in-patient beds are opening March 9 at Royal University Hospital (RUH) in Saskatoon to accommodate patients admitted through the Emergency Department.

The new unit has expanded to 48 beds total, including 12 previously existing adult medicine overflow beds.  It is located in a space that became available following the transition of maternal services to the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital this past September.

“Our government is committed to improving patients’ health care,” Health Minister Jim Reiter said.  “Investing in these additional acute care beds allows our health system to better meet the urgent care needs of our residents.”

The expanded unit will better accommodate dozens more patients each week admitted through the emergency department and will assist with capacity at RUH, Saskatchewan’s busiest hospital.

“An analysis conducted in 2019 showed that opening more medicine beds would make the most difference to our capacity issues, as medicine patients make up the largest volume of patients waiting in Emergency for an in-patient bed,” In-patient Medicine Director, Oncology and Palliative Care for the Saskatchewan Health Authority in Saskatoon, Vince Ashmeade said.  “These beds will make a huge difference to patients’ overall care experience, as they will be located in a unit with a specialized and integrated care team.”

The new acute care beds initiative will receive annual funding of almost $8 million to staff more than 50 full-time nursing and support positions.  Royal University Hospital Foundation has generously donated new funding of $500,000 for purchasing new technology, beds and equipment for this area.