May 14, 2019

New Otologist Now Working in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan patients who need otology services can once again receive them in the province, thanks to the successful recruitment of a highly trained physician who can provide specialized medical procedures to treat hearing and other ear disorders.

Saskatchewan first began offering highly specialized otologist services in 2011 following the recruitment of Dr. Shoman.  Before 2011, Saskatchewan residents had to travel to neighbouring provinces for surgery.  Approximately 150 cochlear implant surgeries were performed in Saskatchewan between August 2011 and October 2017.

Otologist Dr. Paul Mick is now practising in Saskatoon, filling a position previously held by Dr. Nael Shoman.  Dr. Mick provides general ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeries, as well as highly specialized otology procedures such as cochlear implant and bone anchored hearing device surgery.

“Recruiting highly qualified specialists is a priority for our government and the Saskatchewan Health Authority,” Health Minister Jim Reiter said.  “We’re very pleased that someone with Dr. Mick’s expertise has come to Saskatchewan, and patients can once again receive these specialized services closer to home.”

“The recruitment of Dr. Mick has increased our capacity to provide ear and hearing surgical care to children and adults in the province of Saskatchewan,” Provincial Head of Surgery Dr. Ivar Mendez said.  “The Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Department of Surgery are committed to the development of a Program of Excellence in the Division of ENT, Head and Neck Surgery so patients can receive the best care in their own home province.”

“I am excited about working to improve the health of Saskatchewan residents by preventing the disability that is often associated with hearing loss and treating otological disorders with state-of-the-art interventions,” Dr. Mick said.  “The new facilities and equipment at Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital and Ellis Hall at the Royal University Hospital were an important factor in my decision to relocate to Saskatoon and will facilitate patient-centred care and better outcomes.”

Dr. Mick will begin seeing patients this month.  Patients who may benefit from cochlear implants or bone anchored hearing devices need an audiology assessment to determine whether they are candidates for surgery.