June 12, 2019

New Income Assistance Advisory Group Announced

The Government of Saskatchewan has appointed members to the new Income Assistance Advisory Group to help Social Services improve income assistance programs and services.

The advisory group will provide advice and feedback on the development of income assistance policies, programs and services that will best meet the needs of vulnerable Saskatchewan people.

The members of the Income Assistance Advisory Group are:

  • Steve Compton – CEO, YMCA of Regina;
  • Andy Livingston – Past President of the Board of Directors for SaskAbilities;
  • Kelly Delmage – Executive Director, Pipestone Kin-Ability Centre Inc.;
  • Keith Pratt – Employment Development Officer, FHQ Developments Ltd.;
  • Bill Powalinsky – CEO, Prince Albert Community Service Centre;
  • Michelle Busch – Self-advocate, lived experience of visual disability; and
  • Charlene Eger – Self-advocate, lived experience of physical disability.

“Having a group of citizens and stakeholders provide feedback and guidance to us on all income assistance programs will be invaluable,” Social Services Minister Paul Merriman said.  “I want to thank the members for the guidance and support they will provide in the days, weeks and years to come.”

Topics the group will be asked to advise on could include:

  • how social services programs and services can be made more client friendly;
  • how to build on the good work of the Program Implementation Advisory Team to ensure that people with disabilities continue to receive good quality services and supports; and
  • better alignment of ministry and community services for our clients and beneficiaries.