October 25, 2018

New Community Health Centre Launched in Regina

A new community health centre in Regina is providing seniors with an enhanced suite of services through a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to care.  The $4.3 million in Budget 2018-19 and $3.0 million annually beginning in 2019-20 support The Gardens Community Health Centre and the Seniors House Call Team expansion.

“The new Gardens Community Health Centre will serve patients seven days per-week, will have extended evening hours and will provide services on weekends and holidays,” Health Minister Jim Reiter said.  “These expanded services will provide care closer to home, better serve patients with complex medical health issues, and reduce emergency department visits.”

The multi-disciplinary team at The Gardens provides seniors with a more comprehensive suite of services than a traditional physician clinic – all in a single location.  The health care provider team led by Dr. Winston Lok and Dr. Hettie Bouwer includes physicians, nurses, paramedics, therapists, a pharmacist, and a nutritionist, with care plans co-developed by the team, patients, and their families.

The Seniors House Calls Team has also been expanded to provide at-home care to The Gardens’ clients and other Regina residents who have mobility limitations and other complex care needs.  This expanded team has been operating since April and has already tripled the number of visits to clients compared to the same time last year.  In total, 30.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions have been staffed between The Gardens and the Seniors House Calls Team expansion.

The Gardens is open seven days per week with expanded hours on weekdays.  Emergency department visits are avoided by providing a seamless care experience for seniors who are best served in a community setting, with a focus on complex needs and chronic conditions.

“When I was first approached by the Seniors House Calls Team and Dr. Bouwer about using these new services, I was a bit skeptical,” patient and Patient Family Advisor for The Gardens Rob Bridge said.  “I'd been seeing Dr. Bouwer for many years and the thought of having someone else help with my medical needs brought about many questions.  However, it didn't take long for me to see and realize that the prompt and specialized care that the other team members also provided was a real benefit to me and my overall health care.”