April 26, 2018

NDP Refuse to Join Fight Against Trudeau's Carbon Tax

Yesterday, our government announced that we have launched a constitutional reference case in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal to challenge the federal government’s ability to impose a carbon tax on the province.

We do not believe the federal government has the constitutional right to impose the Trudeau carbon tax on Saskatchewan, against the wishes of the government and the people.

“Unfortunately, NDP Leader Ryan Meili disagrees,” said Nancy Heppner, MLA for Martensville-Warman. “He is waving the white flag because he agrees with Justin Trudeau’s plan to force a carbon tax on Saskatchewan.”

Since our announcement we have received strong support from a variety of organizations across the province, including the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, the Saskatchewan Mining Association, and the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan.

“Our members strongly believe that carbon taxes do not work for agriculture,” said Todd Lewis, President of the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan.

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, and the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association have also voiced their support.

And the list goes on.

There are only two groups who want a carbon tax in Saskatchewan: the Trudeau Liberals and the Meili NDP.

“I hope the NDP have been listening to these groups and to Saskatchewan people who oppose the federal imposition of this costly and ineffective tax,” added Heppner.

Our government will continue to stand up for Saskatchewan against the Trudeau government’s carbon tax, while pursuing real emission reductions and protecting jobs in the province.

Instead of waving the white flag, the NDP should be standing up for Saskatchewan.