March 27, 2018

NDP Promise Billions in New Spending; No Plan to Pay

The NDP like promising new spending but they’re not so good at explaining how they plan to pay for it. We don’t need to look any further than the new $2.5 billion platform their leader has put forward and their party has endorsed.

“We’re not just talking about $2.5 billion in new debt, we’re talking about $2.5 billion in new debt every year,” said Steven Bonk, MLA for Moosomin. “That’s $10 billion over four years.”

Click here to see how Ryan Meili plans to add $2.5 billion in debt every year

With no realistic way of paying for the various promises that would add billions in new debt every year, the Leader of the Opposition is prescribing a mix of bad medicine with Saskatchewan people paying more now and for years to come.

“Ryan Meili has promised to hike income tax and we know that he supports forcing a carbon tax on Saskatchewan – but will those tax hikes be enough to cover his reckless, runaway spending?”, Bonk asks.

From restarting a heavily subsidized bus company to spending millions to get farmers to decrease production while increasing carbon emissions, families in both rural and urban Saskatchewan know that the NDP’s carbon tax and irresponsible spending spree just doesn’t make any sense.

Your Saskatchewan Party government has made tough choices and we’re on track to balance the budget. It appears the only plan the NDP has is to ramp up their new spending, sticking the taxpayers of today, tomorrow, and generations to come, with the bill.

“While the NDP is waving the white flag, clearing the path for a carbon tax, they’re refusing to acknowledge that their promises have a price tag,” Bonk added. “Ryan Meili is demonstrating weak leadership and proving that he and his party are totally out-of-touch with reality and the people of Saskatchewan.”

We all deserve to know how the NDP plans to pay for their costly new spending promises.