February 09, 2016

Saskatchewan NDP Don’t Think Energy Sector Workers are “People”, Refuses to Support Them

Saskatchewan NDP Don’t Think Energy Sector Workers are “People”, Refuses to Support Them

The NDP oppose a program that would help get 1200 oilfield workers back to work.

“The energy sector has been hit hard by the collapse in the price of oil. Some 1900 oil & gas workers are out of work in our province, people with families, who pay taxes and have helped make Saskatchewan strong. Our government thinks they’ve done a lot for the province and the country and right now we need to support them” said Minister Responsible for Immigration, Jobs, Skills and Training, Jeremy Harrison.

On Monday, Premier Wall wrote to Ottawa with a proposal to help fund a new program that would help get up to 1200 energy sector workers back to work. This made-in-Saskatchewan solution will see 1000 defunct and orphaned wells remediated and cleaned up. The next day, the NDP issued a release opposing the plan with the headline: "Federal money should help people, not oil companies."

"This just shows the complete contempt the NDP has for anyone who works in the oil industry," Harrison said. "It's like they're saying oil field workers and their families aren't even people."

“We’ve seen this NDP, under Cam Broten, turn their backs on supporting increased trade for our farmers and agri-business by not supporting the world’s largest trading agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership; we’ve seen them fail to stand up for vital national energy projects like Energy East, and now they’re turning their back on workers in this province,” said Harrison.

“It’s clear that despite all their talk about priorities lately, the NDP’s last priority is the economy. We can't let them take us backwards” said Harrison.