December 06, 2018

NDP: Numerous Deficiencies Piling Up

The NDP like to talk about deficiencies – so let’s do that.

From where I stand, I can see 13 major deficiencies with the NDP:

13. They would axe the bypass – even thought they know it’s saving lives;
12. They would axe the GTH – even though they know it’s creating hundreds of jobs;
11. They have no environmental plan and no targets – their only idea is to replace windows in old houses;
10. They have no plan for a balanced budget – they only know how to ask for more;
9. Their leader has promised $10 Billion in new spending – but refuses to say how he’ll pay for it;
8. They have a $4 Billion rural highway intersection roundabout plan – with no idea how to pay for it;
7. They want taxpayer subsidized meals for MLAs – that’s a vote getter!;
6. They are against pipelines – except to arbitrarily replace them without knowing the cost to industry;
5. They want to raise royalties and corporate taxes – which kills jobs;
4. They support a carbon tax – which kills jobs;
3. They want a $15/hr minimum wage – which kills jobs;
2. After the NDP leader said he would do politics differently we see only accusations, baseless allegations, inferences and character defamation. New leader – same old NDP;
And lastly, number 1: with no ideas, no policies, no plans except ones that kill jobs and hurt our economy, they will continue to see a massive deficiency in support in the election in 2020.