March 08, 2017

NDP Block MLA Pay Cut

NDP MLAs are blocking the passage of the 3.5 per cent pay cut for MLAs and cabinet ministers announced yesterday by Premier Brad Wall.

The Board of Internal Economy, made up of government and opposition MLAs, is the body that sets the salaries of MLAs.  A Board of Internal Economy meeting was called for 8 am this morning to pass the pay cut, but the NDP MLAs on the Board boycotted, which meant the meeting did not have quorum and could not proceed.

"Just yesterday, NDP interim Leader Trent Wotherspoon said the NDP would support the MLA pay cut," said Jeremy Harrison, one of the Saskatchewan Party government members on the Board. "Now, the NDP have gone on strike to block this pay cut.  It's absolutely ridiculous.  They need to do their job and support this pay cut, which their Leader said they would do."