December 13, 2018

Minister Approves RM of McKillop's Electoral Divisions Application

Today, Government Relations Minister Warren Kaeding announced the approval of the application to alter the electorial divisions in the Rural Municipality (RM) of McKillop No. 220.

In doing so, it will require an election to be held for a councillor to represent each of the newly-drafted divisions.

“Based on the desires of the people, as reflected in the outcome of the referendum question and following careful review, I have approved the application and have issued a minister’s order to alter the electorial division boundaries in the Rural Municipality of McKillop,” Kaeding said.

The provincial government received in late November the application from the RM to alter all six of the municipality’s electorial division boundaries, in accordance with a referendum held in the community in October.

Under The Municipalities Act any time the electorial division boundaries in a rural municipality are changed an election for a division councillor must be held.

In the case of McKillop, each of the current electorial divisions will be altered and therefore all six divisions will elect a division councillor.

The election will be held on Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

The position of reeve is unaffected.