September 27, 2018

Minister Appoints Supervisor For Rm Of Mckillop No. 220

Today, Government Relations Minister Warren Kaeding announced a supervisor will oversee the RM of McKillop No. 220’s general operations and monitor the municipality’s progress carrying out recommendations from a recent inspector’s report.

The appointment of supervisor Vern Palmer, a retired rural municipal administrator, will expire after one year.

“Mr. Palmer brings 35 years of municipal experience and has a strong, hands-on familiarity with the management and operation of RMs,” Kaeding said.  “His appointment is after careful examination of an inspector’s report and recommendations.  The provincial government will now in good faith give the supervisor and this RM’s council the opportunity to do their work.  Thank you to the RM of McKillop No. 220 for its co-operation during the inspection, and the patience of its citizens.”

Key recommendations from the inspector’s report are:

  • The Minister appoint a supervisor, which has been completed.
  • The Minister direct the RM’s council to consult and work with residents of Sun Dale on a new utility rate bylaw.  That direction has been given through a Minister’s Order.
  • The RM council should follow through on the referendums for proposed boundary alterations and exploration of authorities for resort communities.
  • The RM council should complete a financial audit and a management audit.

The provincial government received the inspection report on September 15, 2018.  The report stems from a provincial government decision ordering an official inspection of the municipality to respond to concerns about the governance and administration of the RM.

The decisions to inspect and to appoint a supervisor were made after much consideration and contemplation.

Although it’s rare for the provincial government to insert itself into the affairs of a municipality and a duly-elected local council, The Municipalities Act gives the Minister authority to appoint an inspector pursuant to section 396 and a supervisor pursuant to section 400.

The inspection report is available at