July 17, 2018

May Manufacturing Shipments Increase Leads Canada

Manufacturing shipments for May 2018 were up 22.9 per cent over last May (seasonally adjusted), the highest percentage increase among the provinces and well ahead of the 3.7 per cent recorded nationally.

Shipments were also up month-over-month, rising 5.5 per cent, higher than the 1.4 per cent posted for the national average.

“Manufacturing is an important part of Saskatchewan’s economy, creating jobs and investment across the province,” Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison said.  “The companies who operate in cities and towns across Saskatchewan send products all over the world in everything from farm equipment to food products.”

On a seasonally adjusted basis, major increases year-over-year were reported for food manufacturing up 21.2 per cent and chemical manufacturing up by 33.4 per cent.