May 28, 2021

May 28 to June 6 Proclaimed as Arbor Week in Saskatchewan

The Government of Saskatchewan has proclaimed May 28 to June 6, 2021, as Arbor Week in the province, with Friday, May 28, recognized as Arbor Day.

Arbor Week is designated as a time to reflect on and appreciate the many ways that trees and forests contribute to our quality of life, in our communities and in the natural environment.  Arbor Day is traditionally celebrated by planting trees.

"It's hard to imagine a Saskatchewan street without its trees, and the shade and beauty they provide," Environment Minister Warren Kaeding said.  "This week, let's all take the opportunity to notice the trees growing in our neighbourhoods and how much they add to our lives, each and every day."

Trees provide many benefits including: habitat for wildlife and birds, reducing heating and cooling costs by sheltering buildings, producing oxygen and cleaning the air, capturing and storing carbon, and providing beautiful places for recreation and reflection.

One of the organizations planning activities to celebrate Arbor Week is SOS Trees Coalition.  Events are intended to help individuals, students and families learn the how-to's of planting trees, to consider their many benefits and to experience the joy that comes from spending time around trees.

"This year's events in Saskatoon are focused on the theme of 'Resurgence'," SOS Trees Coalition organizer Linda Moskalyk said.  "After many months facing a pandemic, the theme is meant to inspire renewal, hope, and a fresh start.  We wish to celebrate a resurgence of life and health through our relationship with trees."

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