December 04, 2017

Live Network: Offering a Better Streaming Service to Saskatchewan Schools

Saskatchewan schools now have access to a better streaming service as a result of a renewed Live Interactive Video Education (LIVE) Network agreement between the Ministry of Education and SaskTel.  The LIVE Network is used for province-wide live video streaming for provincial, First Nations, Prekindergarten to Grade 12, and credit and non-credit post-secondary courses.

“We are pleased to continue to provide this service for teachers and students throughout Saskatchewan,” Education Minister Bronwyn Eyre said.  “As a government, we believe that a robust technology infrastructure is required to support 21st century learning.”

This year, SaskTel completed a full equipment and software upgrade of LIVE Network.  The network is now capable of providing up to 10 simultaneous, live, high definition streams.  Streams are accessible from any internet connection, expanding opportunities for users to access from home, school, or anywhere with connectivity.

“SaskTel is committed to ensuring that Saskatchewan schools continue to have access to the innovative and reliable communications services that are so vital in today’s connected world,” SaskTel Acting President and CEO Doug Burnett said.  “The upgrades to the LIVE Network are continued proof that SaskTel is investing in the future of this province to make certain that its residents continue to have access to some of the most advanced networks and technologies anywhere.”

The LIVE network is increasingly used to broadcast live events in Saskatchewan schools such as school community council events, including the Internet Safety and Prevention of Online Exploitation and curriculum support presentations sponsored by agencies such as Agriculture in the Classroom and SaskTel Pioneers.

It has also been used to broadcast professional development for teachers to reduce travel and meeting costs, and for distance education at the post-secondary level.  One of the regular features is LIVE Arts, which provides opportunities for local or national artists to visit Saskatchewan classrooms and engage Grades 1-9 teachers and students with an interactive and instructive learning experience.  LIVE Arts has grown steadily from more than 5,000 student registrations in 2010-11 to more than 30,000 in 2016-17.

This year, as part of Canada’s 150 celebrations, Grades 3-8 teachers and students from across Canada participated in a series of national broadcasts.  These curriculum-based lessons feature Saskatchewan Indigenous artists as well as collaborators from other regions, focusing on the topics of resilience, respect and reconciliation.