May 26, 2020

Legislative Assembly to Meet June 15 to July 3

Government House Leader Jeremy Harrison and Opposition House Leader Cathy Sproule today announced that they have agreed to a modified arrangement for the Legislative Assembly to meet starting in June.

The Assembly will meet for 14 days from June 15 to July 3 with sittings from Monday to Friday each week.  There will be no sitting on Canada Day, July 1.  Only 10 government members and five opposition members will be in the Assembly at any time in order to ensure safe physical distancing.

The Minister of Finance will table the 2020-21 provincial budget on June 15, and there will be 60 hours of scrutiny of the budget estimates in legislative committees on the following days.  The final vote on the budget will take place on July 2.

While the budget will be the main priority of the 14-day sitting, the government may conduct other legislative business, time permitting.