March 04, 2020

Language Training Investment Helps Newcomers Access Employment

Today, Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison announced over $500,000 is being allocated to English for Employment programming to assist newcomers to overcome language barriers and engage in the labour force.

English for Employment programming assists those with a low English proficiency in developing their language skills, with a focus on supporting their capacity to find and maintain employment in Saskatchewan.  For these unemployed or underemployed newcomers, advancing their language skills is essential to securing good long-term employment, comparable with their training and experience.

“Whether it’s finding employment, pursuing education, obtaining medical care, accessing housing, or just getting around and interacting with others in their daily lives, the language barrier is the number one challenge facing newcomers,” Harrison said.  “These workers have valuable knowledge and skills to contribute and we want to ensure they have the tools to help them succeed at work and life here in Saskatchewan.”

From becoming familiar with workplace culture and workers’ safety, to resume writing and interview preparation, English for Employment programming allows workers to prepare for participation in Saskatchewan’s labour market while enhancing their language skills.

“Mastering English in relation to the workplace is a critical step in the process of finding meaningful employment and to enhance workplace communication skills,” Saskatoon Open Door Society’s Employment Services Unit (ESU) Manager Ashraf Mirmontahai said.

It is anticipated that more than 300 newcomers will participate in English for Employment programming over the coming year, with programs operating in Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Regina.

Funding will be provided to several organizations to deliver programming, including:

  • Prince Albert Multicultural Council;
  • Regina Immigrant Women Centre Inc.;
  • Regina Open Door Society Inc.;
  • Saskatchewan Intercultural Association Inc.;
  • Saskatoon Open Door Society Inc.; and
  • Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Saskatchewan Provincial Council Incorporated.