November 27, 2019

Labour Legislation Amended To Assist Workers And Employers

Today, the Government of Saskatchewan introduced amendments to The Saskatchewan Employment Act that will increase parental leave, provide time away for individuals running for Band Council, and clarify the language to reinforce workplace safety and health.

“The changes we are making will ensure that employees can enjoy bringing a child into their family or run for Band Council knowing their jobs are protected,” Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don Morgan said.  “The amendments will also help to establish a fair and competitive business environment that will set us on the right path for growth.”

The proposed amendments to the Act will:

  • increase parental leave by eight weeks to ensure that employees who are entitled to the new shared parental Employment Insurance benefit have job protection while accessing benefits;
  • expand candidate-public office leave to include employees that are running for election to a Band Council;
  • provide the Labour Relations Board with the authority to require the production of an adjudicator’s decision when the statutory period is exceeded and replace the adjudicator if a decision is not provided;
  • provide radiation health officers with the ability to issue compliance undertakings and notices of contravention, establish an appeal process and establish higher penalties for second and subsequent offences;
  • enable strikes and lockouts to occur when an application is pending before the Labour Relations Board; and
  • take care of a small number of housekeeping or maintenance items including wage assessments and re-establishing the court’s ability to reinstate employees who have been discriminated against by their employers.