August 09, 2017

Know An Exceptional Volunteer? Nominate Them!

Nominations Are Now Open for the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal

Individuals will have until October 18 to put forward names for the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal.

“Our richest resource is our people, and we can recognize their outstanding contributions through the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal program,” Lieutenant Governor Vaughn Solomon Schofield said.  “We celebrate their generous and hard-working spirits.  We all know people in our communities worthy of this recognition, and I urge everyone to nominate a local leader.”

The Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal recognizes those whose personal volunteerism helps others, and makes daily life in Saskatchewan better for everyone.

Nominees must be current or former long-term residents of the province and Canadian citizens.  Nominations are not accepted posthumously.  Groups and organizations, along with members of Parliament, the Legislature or the judiciary are ineligible to be nominated.

Provincial honours, such as the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal, are designed to acknowledge citizens for their hard work, generosity and continued dedication to the people of Saskatchewan.  If you know someone in your community who should be recognized, nominate them today!

Selected recipients will receive the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal from the Lieutenant Governor in Regina in the late spring of 2018.

To nominate a deserving individual, or to learn more, visit