August 22, 2018

Investment of $2 Million for Central Provincial Parks

The Government of Saskatchewan is investing more than $2 million in facility and infrastructure improvements for parks in the province’s central region, which includes Blackstrap, Duck Mountain, Fort Carlton, Good Spirit Lake, Greenwater Lake and Pike Lake provincial parks.

“The central region has seen many upgrades and improvements over the past five years, with even more work scheduled to be completed this year,” Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport Gene Makowsky said.  “Investing in park facilities and infrastructure remains a top priority for us in order to ensure we keep up with visitors’ needs and regulatory requirements so our guests can enjoy their time spent in the parks.”

Upgrades scheduled for completion prior to the 2019 camping season in the central region include:

  • Completion of campground electrical system expansion and upgrades in Blackstrap Provincial Park and Greenwater Lake Provincial Park;
  • Completion of water system upgrades and replacement of the main sewage lift at Greenwater Lake Provincial Park;
  • Phase two of pool building upgrades and a new accessible playground at Pike Lake Provincial Park;
  • Shoreline protection at Blackstrap Provincial Park; and
  • Campground office replacement in Duck Mountain Provincial Park.

The $2 million is in addition to more than $21 million invested in central parks over the past five years for improvements including:

  • Campground development with electrical and full service sites, a playground and new service centre at Blackstrap Provincial Park, as well as beach service centre replacement and upgrades to the entry gate site for improved traffic flow;
  • Service centre replacements and upgrades to roads, trailer sewage station and boat launch at Duck Mountain Provincial Park;
  • Infrastructure upgrades and reconstruction at Fort Carlton Provincial Park;
  • Electrical expansion and upgrades, road improvements, major boat launch upgrades, shoreline stabilization and a new playground structure at Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park;
  • Campground development with full service campsites, service centre replacement, electrical expansions, new playground equipment and major road upgrades at Greenwater Lake Provincial Park; and
  • Pool and waterslide improvements and major water system upgrades at Pike Lake Provincial Park.

A total investment of more than $11 million for planned improvements throughout the provincial park system in 2018-19 will increase total investment in parks to nearly $110 million since 2008. Saskatchewan’s provincial parks continue to be an important destination, attracting visitors and bringing economic benefits to the entire province.