February 12, 2016

Heritage Week Proclaimed in Saskatchewan

Heritage Week aims to raise awareness about Saskatchewan’s exciting past and historic resources. The Government of Saskatchewan has proclaimed February 14-20 Heritage Week in Saskatchewan. Initiated through a partnership between the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation and Heritage Saskatchewan, Heritage Week plays an important role in sharing Saskatchewan’s story across the province.

“Our province has a truly unique history and it is important to be shared with current and future generations,” Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport Mark Docherty said. “Saskatchewan’s story has been shaped by many people, places and events. Heritage Week is a great way to tell this story, and it is also a time to celebrate the individuals and organizations who do so much to ensure our heritage is protected.”  

“The Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation is pleased to work with Heritage Saskatchewan each year to help celebrate Heritage Week across the province,” Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation Chair Royce Pettyjohn said. “This week we encourage all Saskatchewan residents to pause and consider the things we cherish and the meaning behind the places that matter.”  

“Heritage Week is a great time to celebrate our diverse heritage and to acknowledge that heritage is ongoing and shaped by people,” Heritage Saskatchewan CEO Ingrid Cazakoff said. “As an organization, Heritage Saskatchewan seeks to promote an understanding of living heritage to ensure that all have the opportunity to participate and create meaningful relationships to build communities that recognize cultural differences and similarities as important for a shared future.”

In celebration of Saskatchewan Heritage Week, a number of events will be taking place across the province, including information sessions, heritage workshops and a Yorkton Film Festival reception and screening of its World War film series in Saskatoon. The Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation will also be celebrating their 25th Anniversary at Saskatoon’s Broadway Theatre on Thursday, February 18 at 7 p.m. The event is open to all wishing to attend. 

With cultural connections to many in the province, the Government of Saskatchewan has also proclaimed 2016 as the Year of Saskatchewan Ukrainians. Acknowledging the 125th anniversary of the first wave of Ukrainian immigration to Canada and Saskatchewan, Year of Saskatchewan Ukrainians celebrates the culture and traditions richly embedded within the province.

For information about Heritage Week events happening across the province, please visit www.herritagesask.ca. For more information about Year of Saskatchewan Ukrainians, visit www.saskatchewan.ca/government/news-and-media/2016/january/05/year-of-the-saskatchewan-ukrainians