November 24, 2015

Government Rewarding Safe Drivers with Greater Discounts on Auto Insurance

Government has approved a number of recommendations put forward by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) for changes to its Safe Driver Recognition program.

The changes are in response to customer input and analysis undertaken by SGI over the past few years.

“Throughout the review of the Safe Driver Recognition program, there was a common theme we kept hearing – safe drivers deserve higher rewards and risky drivers deserve tougher penalties,” Minister responsible for SGI Don McMorris said.  “Well, you asked and we listened.  The changes increase vehicle insurance discounts for the safest drivers and toughen penalties for unsafe driving.”

Changes are:

  • The safety rating scale will grow to +25, allowing the safest drivers to earn a discount on basic vehicle insurance of up to 25 per cent.
  • Financial penalties will double from $25 to $50 per point for drivers in the penalty zone.
  • All manually-enforced speeding convictions will result in loss of points under the program.
  • All at-fault collisions will result in loss of points, but the program will take the seriousness of a collision into consideration.  Drivers who cause collisions with claim payouts under $700 will lose four points.  Those who cause collisions with claim payouts of $700 or more will lose six points.

The changes will be implemented mid-2016, following regulatory changes.

The Safe Driver Recognition program was created in 2002 to recognize drivers with good driving records and give them some added incentive to keep their records safe, while offering a deterrent to those with unsafe driving habits.  Drivers with good records are rewarded with discounts on their basic vehicle insurance, while high-risk drivers pay more.

For more information about the Safe Driver Recognition program changes, see the attached background documents or visit SGI’s website at