November 23, 2017

Government Provides Funding to Help Find Missing Children

The Ministry of Justice is providing $100,000 through its Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund to the Missing Children Society of Canada to expand its Most Valuable Network Program into Saskatchewan.

The Most Valuable Network uses the power of social media such as Facebook and Twitter to instantly post messages on the social media feeds of people who have volunteered to be part of the program.  It also has the capability to send push notifications to participants in the network through a mobile app.

“The introduction of social media has changed a lot about modern life over the last decade, and it’s important that we recognize that and make use of these powerful tools when we’re dealing with something as important as a missing child,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan said.  “This network is a comprehensive tool that will provide support to police searching for a missing child and fill the gap that exists when a missing child doesn’t meet the criteria for an Amber Alert.”

The funding will be used by the Missing Children Society to support the initial expansion of the Most Valuable Network into Saskatchewan.  This will include the building of the digital infrastructure necessary to support the program, and engagement with police, businesses and individuals.

“We are excited about this opportunity to expand the Most Valuable Network into Saskatchewan,” Missing Children Society of Canada Chief Executive Officer Amanda Pick said.  “As the eyes and ears on the street, the public has an important role to play in providing first responders with vital information on missing children and vulnerable youth cases.”

Saskatchewan’s Civil Forfeiture Program, through The Seizure of Criminal Property Act, 2009, seeks the forfeiture of property that is considered to be proceeds or an instrument of unlawful activity.  Any cash resulting from the forfeitures is deposited in the Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund.

In the spring of 2017, an addition was made to the regulations to allow money from the fund to go to community programs or activities designed to promote public safety.  This is in addition to the support the fund already provides to police operations and the Victims Fund.