January 22, 2018

Government Proclaims Red Tape Awareness Week in Saskatchewan

The Government of Saskatchewan has proclaimed the week of January 22-26 as Red Tape Awareness Week in the province.  The week highlights the importance of regulatory modernization and the provincial government’s ongoing effort to reduce red tape for Saskatchewan businesses and consumers.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) hosts a number of activities during this year’s Red Tape Awareness Week.  The CFIB’s annual Golden Scissors Awards are to be announced on January 26.  The awards acknowledge the work of an elected official or others in government across Canada who have reduced regulatory burden for business.

Two nominees within the Government of Saskatchewan are finalists for this year’s award:

  • Premier Brad Wall is nominated for sustained leadership in red tape reduction; and
  • SGI is nominated for reducing red tape by streamlining bridge permit approvals for commercial and farm trucks.

“Our commitment to reduce red tape was evident in the past year as we once again exceeded our annual cost savings targets,” Economy Minister Steven Bonk said.  “We are pleased to be recognized by the CFIB for this important work, and we will continue to strengthen our province by reducing red tape and supporting the citizens and businesses we serve.”

“We commend the Government of Saskatchewan for their ongoing leadership to make red tape reduction a priority,” Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) Vice-President, Prairie & Agri-business Marilyn Braun-Pollon said.  “We are especially pleased with the government’s mandated use of the Direct Cost Estimator, which is among the most comprehensive cost estimation tools in Canada.  Use of this tool has resulted in nearly $90 million in savings for both business owners and the government by reducing red tape.”

Government’s 2016-2017 Regulatory Modernization Progress Report identified $72.6 million in red tape cost savings, as part of its Red Tape Reduction Action Plan.  This includes activities from across government ministries, agencies and crown corporations.

Since 2014, the province has:

  • exceeded targeted quantified cost savings of $5 million annually, having identified $88.2 million in forecast cost savings for red tape reduction initiatives, $60 million above the targeted amount for the 10 year period, and
  • remained on schedule to keep the commitment to review all business related regulations at least once every 10 years.

Regulatory accountability in Saskatchewan is managed through The Regulatory Modernization and Accountability Act.  This legislation mandates annual public reporting of regulatory modernization activities to be tabled at the end of every fiscal year.

The aim is to achieve better regulation with efficient compliance and maintain regulatory integrity, without any compromise to the environment, public safety or worker protection measures.

More information on the 2018 Red Tape Awareness Week activities is available at www.cfib-fcei.ca.