November 15, 2019

Government of Saskatchewan Proclaims New Animal Health Act

Today, the Government of Saskatchewan proclaimed new legislation to help protect the health and welfare of the province’s animals.  The new Animal Health Act repeals and replaces The Diseases of Animals Act.

“Ensuring the health of Saskatchewan’s animals is a top priority for the Government of Saskatchewan,” Agriculture Minister David Marit said.  “The new Animal Health Act is modernized to meet the needs of today and better positions us to protect Saskatchewan livestock from disease.”

The Act expands the definition of “disease” to include non-infectious threats such as toxins and emerging issues, including antimicrobial resistance.  The Act clearly sets out a veterinary inspector’s authorities and responsibilities with regard to entering and inspecting a premises, establishing quarantines, disease surveillance and control zones, and euthanizing animals to prevent suffering or the spread of disease.

“Our membership is glad to see the Government of Saskatchewan update this piece of legislation,” Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association Council President Dr. Kent Weir said.  “As new diseases emerge, it’s important for legislation to be in place to ensure the right tools are available to respond quickly.  This new Act will help make that possible.”

Other changes include the addition of the provincial notifiable disease list and the creation of a provincial reportable animal disease list in the Act’s regulations.

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