September 24, 2019

Government Of Saskatchewan Marks National Rail Safety Week

The Government of Saskatchewan and the Canadian Safety Train Express (CSTE) encourages everyone to stay safe around trains and their tracks, no matter where they are.

“When it comes to ensuring rail safety, even one incident is too many,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Greg Ottenbreit said. “Understanding the dangers around trains helps us all stay safe in a province as reliant on rail transportation as Saskatchewan.”

The Government of Saskatchewan keeps railway safety top of mind throughout the year. They do so with routine safety inspections and reviews of safety management plans for shortline railways. They also work closely with shortlines to ensure that operating rules and plans are up-to-date. Most recently, the Government of Saskatchewan has partnered with the CSTE on an augmented reality railway safety activity book for grade four students.

This year, french immersion students will also get the opportunity to learn about train safety, as we have worked to translate the interactive book.

“We are very excited to work with the Province of Saskatchewan to promote a very important railway safety message,” Canadian Safety Train Express Inc. CEO Perry Pellerin said. “Rail Safety Week is an important week to further educate the public on the dangers surrounding rail equipment and grade crossings. Canadian Safety Train Express Inc., is continually developing new ways to educate the public about railway safety, as it’s important to understand that an interaction with railway equipment almost always results in a significant consequence.”

In conjunction with National Rail Safety Week this year, activity books have been distributed to more than 3,500 students in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan has 13 operational, privately-owned shortline railways. These operate on more than 2,000 kilometres of track and connect to more than 6,000 kilometres of federally-regulated track.

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