April 08, 2021

Government Continues to Support Discounted Bus Pass Program

Saskatchewan residents who receive income assistance will be able to continue buying bus passes at a more affordable price.

The Government of Saskatchewan will contribute up to $1.84 million in 2021-22 to continue supporting the Discounted Bus Pass (DBP) program.  The program allows people with low incomes to buy bus passes at a discounted rate so they are able to search for or travel to work, go to school, attend health care appointments or tend to other daily living needs.

"Having more affordable transportation will allow people with low incomes to be more connected to their communities and contribute to a better quality of life," Social Services Minister Lori Carr said.  "I am proud of our government's work with cities across the province to help people with low incomes have greater access to public transit."

Through the DBP program, the cost of a monthly bus pass is reduced by $25.  Some cities also offer further discounts to those with low incomes.  Clients may purchase their discounted bus pass by visiting the transit authority office in their city or through other purchase options arranged by their city.

Seven cities across Saskatchewan participate in the DBP program and receive funding from the province to cover the discount for each eligible pass sold.  The funding amount is based on ridership.  The province provides up to the following amounts in each city:

  • Saskatoon - $888,000;
  • Regina - $730,000;
  • Prince Albert - $119,000;
  • Moose Jaw - $61,000;
  • North Battleford - $12,000;
  • Swift Current - $12,000; and
  • Yorkton - $18,000. 

To be eligible for the DBP program, riders need to be clients of one of the following programs: Saskatchewan Income Support, Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability, Saskatchewan Assistance Program, Transitional Employment Allowance, Saskatchewan Employment Supplement or Provincial Training Allowance.

Since 2007, government has increased its contribution to the program from $12 per monthly pass to $25.  To learn more about the program, visit www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/transportation/public-transportation/discounted-bus-pass-program.