February 18, 2020

Government Commits $11 Million To Support School Division Infrastructure Needs

The Government of Saskatchewan is providing $6 million in funding to support the purchase and installation of 15 new relocatable classrooms in six school divisions throughout the province.

The relocatable classrooms will allow divisions to address growing student enrolment in their schools, without undergoing significant renovations or requiring a new school to be built.  Relocatable classrooms can be ordered and installed much quicker than a regular build, and can be moved to another school with higher enrolment needs if they are not needed anymore.

“The Relocatable Classroom program provides divisions with opportunities to expand school capacity in order to address enrolment concerns,” Deputy Premier and Education Minister Gordon Wyant said.  “Adding these relocatables to our schools will provide both students and teachers with high-quality classroom spaces in which to learn.”

Over the past six years, 12 communities have received relocatable classrooms through the program.  This includes more than 100 relocatables that were purchased new and 29 relocatables that were moved from another school that no longer had a need for them.

In addition to this funding, the Ministry of Education’s 2019-20 budget previously included $4.5 million for the Relocatable Classroom program.

The government is also providing an additional $5 million to support the Preventative Maintenance and Renewal program.  These funds will help school divisions address infrastructure needs in their schools.

This funding announcement increases the Government’s overall commitment to capital infrastructure for education in 2019-20 to $106.6 million – up from $76.4 million in 2018-19.